Are you already late?

Arpana Khalkho
2 min readApr 5, 2021

What to do when you are already late in the game of life?

Already late in life?

In a sudden moment of clarity, I realized that this is what my next move should be. Finally! I know what I want to do in life. Seconds later it became evident that this would have been an excellent path to follow a couple of years back. Standing here today, I am already behind my peers, friends and thousands of other people. My light bulb moment plunged into darkness again.

I am oscillating between “Yes let’s do this” and “What’s the point? I can never catch up to them”.

The clouds of uncertainty cast their shadow again.

In an attempt to pull me back up, I turn to what I always do when life is messy. The only thing that gives me some sense of control. An illusion of achievement when all else is down the drains.


I have been working out and running on and off all my life. It is my dose of sanity, of meditation, of pushing myself, of purpose, of progress. No matter if I have not done exercise in over a month, I never give a second thought about starting again — I just start.

When this dawned on me — the light bulb turned on again.

Just start.

The best time to begin is NOW



Arpana Khalkho

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